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A new member of the cost effective world renowned Palert family. 

Palert+ is an advanced IP67 earthquake P-wave alarm detector system. It uses embedded Pd technology, developed by Prof.


Yih-Min Wu from the National Taiwan University, that can accurately, within 3 seconds, determine the size of the shockwave based on the detected P-wave.


Can be used as part of earthquake early warning system. With both MEMS and Geophone sensors the Palert+ provides exceptional detection giving warning as well as detailed information about the earthquake. 

The combination of Palert+ and an external UPS can form a standalone onsite EEW station which is able to increase users’ risk management benefits.


Driving intercepting valves in gas, chemical, or poisoned fluid tanks to prevent secondary disaster.


Real-time structure health monitoring (SHM) provides instantaneous inspections in structure aseismic strength and safety.


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