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Golden Aurum is a total Security Solutions and CCTV security specialists - we design, install and maintain system to meet your specific needs. We offer you a full choice - from cutting-edge IP CCTV solutions to analogue, stand-alone recording systems.


IP CCTV Solutions

Traditional CCTV systems use analogue links to connect cameras to a central control station. An IP CCTV system has a digital interface that links cameras and the central control station together on an IP Network. This system can be easily integrated with any IP Network allowing easy access to video data from networked computers and even from remotely located work-stations via the internet.


IP-based video surveillance uses the latest wireless technology and network video monitoring solutions, revolutionizing the way organizations, companies and the public sector protect their property, personnel and proprietary assets. Compared to analog or hybrid systems, IP-based solutions provide crucial advantages.

Advantages of IP CCTV

1. Real-time situational awareness and response

2. Remote video monitoring and accessibility

3. Faster, lower cost deployment

4. Leverage the existing networks

5. Maximize the benefits of smart cameras and software

6. Optimized ROI

7. Future-proofing

8. Digital image encryption for security purposes